Organic Pads & Tampons by TOM Organic

Like most women, I’m guilty of using non-organic sanitary products. We tend to associate the word “organic” with “expensive” and none of us like to spend too much money on products we need to buy every month. I’ve also heard many girls ask what the point in buying organic pads and tampons is… well there are numerous points and once you know them, you probably won’t want to go back to non-organic products again.

Non-organic feminine hygiene products are often made of synthetics, plastics and pesticide-sprayed cotton. The amount of chemicals that are used in the process of making rayon and conventional cotton is massive, yet our lady parts are the most absorbent area of our body.

TOM Organic products are made of the purest organic cotton and are also biodegradable. Unlike most non-organic brands, these products contain absolutely no chemicals, perfumes or bleaches; now we can feel 100% guilt free, cleaner and happier with the products we use. Not to mention the price! TOM Organic knows that women need quality products at affordable prices, and are available at both Woolworths and Coles. If you order online, you can save money as well as having the option to have monthly deliveries straight to your door.

For more information on TOM organic products, check out

And they also have an awesome blog that provides us with yummy organic recipes, beauty products and guidelines on living a happy, healthy lifestyle –


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